SAVM Bridge (Testnet)


1. MetaMask Wallet

Have MetaMask installed and configured to interact with the SatoshiVM Testnet.

MetaMask has automatically added the configuration for the Ethereum Sepolia network.

2. Acquire test ETH on Ethereum Sepolia

Please note that users need to obtain ETH through the following third-party Faucet for interactions on Ethereum Sepolia.

Deposit: Bridge test SAVM from Ethereum to SatoshiVM

1. Navigate to the official SAVM Bridge

Access the official SAVM Bridge page (Testnet). This is where you'll be initiating the process of transferring SAVM from Ethereum Sepolia to SatoshiVM Testnet.

2. Connect MetaMask

On the Bridge interface, connect your MetaMask wallet. Follow the prompt and confirm the wallet connection.

Connecting the UniSat wallet is NOT required here.

3. Request test SAVM

Test SAVM has NO transactional value, and each user is limited in the amount they can request.

3.1 Click on the 'tSAVM Faucet' at the bottom of the page

3.2 Request test SAVM by signing with your wallet

3.3 Add test SAVM to your wallet

3.4 Limited request amount per user day

4. Deposit on Ethereum Sepolia

4.1 Enter the amount of test SAVM to deposit

4.2 Approve to spend test SAVM

4.3 Confirm the deposit transaction in MetaMask

5. Monitor progress on the History page

Once the deposit is initiated, monitor your transaction's progress on the SatoshiVM Bridge History page. This section provides real-time updates on the status of your deposit.

6. Check SAVM balance via Explorer

After completing the deposit, check the token balances of the recipient address using the SatoshiVM Explorer.

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