BRC20 Bridge (Testnet)


Before starting the bridging process between Bitcoin and SatoshiVM, ensure the following:

  1. MetaMask Wallet: Have MetaMask installed and configured to interact with the SatoshiVM Testnet.

  2. UniSat Wallet: Ensure your UniSat wallet is ready for the transaction process.

  3. Understand brc-20 protocol.

Mint $sats for testing

1. Navigate to UniSat Testnet

Access UniSat Testnet to mint $sats, a brc-20 token deployed on Bitcoin Testnet.

2. Mint $sats directly

Connect your Bitcoin wallet and mint $sats directly:

2.1 Generate the text for minting

Click "Mint Directly" and follow the prompt to generate the text for minting.

2.2 Confirm the inscription details

Review the generated text and click "Next" to continue.

2.3 Fill in the recipient's address

Fill in your Bitcoin Testnet address to receive $sats.

2.4 Submit and pay the minting invoice

Submit and pay the prompted invoice to process the minting transaction.

3. Check your $sats balance in UniSat

Note that it generally takes a few minutes to get your BRC-20 balances updated in UniSat.

Deposit: Bridge $sats to SatoshiVM

1. Navigate to the official BTC bridge

Access the official BTC Bridge page (Testnet) and select $sats for depositing.

2. Inscribe TRANSFER for depositing

According to brc-20 protocol, one has to inscribe the transfer function for a given amount before sending it to a desired recipient. Uninscribed brc-20 tokens are non-transferable.

Note that it generally takes a few minutes to get your transferable BRC-20 balances updated.

3. Deposit transferable BRC-20 on Bitcoin Testnet

3.1 Select a transferable BRC-20 balance for depositing

3.2 Confirm the deposit transaction in UniSat

4. Monitor progress on the History page

Once the deposit is initiated, monitor your transaction's progress on the SatoshiVM Bridge History page. This section provides real-time updates on the status of your deposit.

5. Check destination address balance via SatoshiVM Explorer

After completing the deposit, check the destination address balance using the SatoshiVM Explorer. Confirm that the equivalent amount of $sats has been transferred to your SatoshiVM address.

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