Alpha Mainnet


  • Deposit transactions: Pledge BTC on Bitcoin to the provided DHC on Bool Network for custody.

  • Withdraw transactions: Initiate on SatoshiVM and receive the corresponding amount of BTC on Bitcoin.

  • General transactions: Include regular transfers and interactions with contracts on SatoshiVM.

Execution Layer

  • Execution module: Handle deposit and withdraw transactions between Bitcoin and SatoshiVM, process general transactions in the SatoshiVM mempool, and construct new SatoshiVM blocks.

  • Rollup module: Monitor the creation of new SatoshiVM blocks and compile the corresponding transaction data in a batch.

  • Prover module: Monitors the generation of new SatoshiVM blocks and produces corresponding proofs.

Settlement Layer

  • Dynamic Hidden Committee (DHC): Securely custody assets on Bitcoin based on ZKP, MPC, and TEE technologies.

  • Data Availability module: Securely store and make available the data generated within SatoshiVM.

  • Verification contract: Verify the validity of transactions in SatoshiVM blocks through a batch of transaction data and corresponding proofs.

  • Forced Exit contract: Ensure that, in extreme situations, the withdrawal of assets on the Bitcoin chain can be achieved through proofs provided by users and data already published in the DA layer.

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