Achieving technological breakthroughs and translating theory into practical applications has always been a challenging and formidable task. This holds particularly true for SatoshiVM as we embark on the development of a Bitcoin ZK Rollup Layer 2 solution.

In our pursuit of this ambitious goal, security takes precedence. To better drive the project forward, we've divided the technical development process into two key phases: Alpha Mainnet and Mainnet. The developmental objectives for the Alpha Mainnet phase include minimizing system operation, developing, adapting, and integrating various components of SatoshiVM ZK Rollup. In the subsequent Mainnet phase, we aim to transform the on-chain validation part into Taproot scripts, perform the circuit conversion of the off-chain Prover and Verifier components, and implement Anti-Transaction Reordering based on SVMZK.

Simultaneously, at different stages of development, we will introduce corresponding Testnets, serving as a sandbox for comprehensive functionality and performance testing. This strategic approach ensures the reliability and stability of the system before major updates are implemented.

To delve deeper into the intricacies of each phase, the following sections will provide a more detailed explanation of the technical architecture designs. This added context aims to offer a thorough understanding of our meticulous development process.

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