Token Utility

SatoshiVM is a community-driven project where $SAVM, its native token, plays a crucial role in advancing community development. $SAVM's motivates community participants and fosters collaboration. In the Tokenomics section, a significant portion of $SAVM is allocated to the Ecosystem, emphasizing its role in incentivizing community engagement and project co-creation.

Common utilities

Governance and Voting

$SAVM holders influence the future direction of SatoshiVM. Actively participating in governance proposals and voting empowers $SAVM holders to shape important decisions, ensuring alignment with the community's aspirations.

Staking Rewards

Staking $SAVM tokens provides an additional way for holders to earn rewards within the SatoshiVM ecosystem. By participating in the staking program, users contribute to ecosystem stability while enjoying attractive rewards.

Premium utilities

Early Participant Incentives

In appreciation of contributors during the Testnet and Alpha Mainnet stages, $SAVM serves as a token of gratitude, offering phased incentive programs to encourage ongoing community involvement.

Ecosystem Priority

$SAVM serves as a mechanism to reward and incentivize active participation and contributions within the SatoshiVM community. As part of our commitment to community growth, we would collaborate with programs prioritizing $SAVM holders, ensuring they receive rewards for actively engaging in community-driven initiatives.

Liquidity Provider Rewards

As SatoshiVM operates as a Bitcoin Layer 2 with native BTC as gas, $SAVM incentivizes BTC liquidity providers. Recognizing their contributions to SatoshiVM's value and usability aligns their interests with the ecosystem's continual growth.

Security Model Rewards

Participants in the Prover and Verifier modules, guardians of security, play a vital role in maintaining SatoshiVM's safety. Their commitment to overall integrity is rewarded with $SAVM.

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