Getting Started

Getting Started with SatoshiVM Alpha Mainnet

Welcome to SatoshiVM! This guide will help you kickstart your journey on this EVM-compatible network that operates as a Bitcoin Layer 2 solution, utilizing BTC as its native token. Below are the key steps to familiarize yourself with SatoshiVM:

  1. Network Information: Understand the basics of SatoshiVM - its compatibility, native token, and the parameters of the Testnet for interaction.

  2. Wallet Setup via MetaMask: Set up your MetaMask wallet to handle BTC on the SatoshiVM network.

  3. Bridging BTC to SatoshiVM: Use the official BTC bridge to transfer BTC from Bitcoin to SatoshiVM.

  4. Bridging SAVM to SatoshiVM: Use the official SAVM bridge to transfer SAVM from Ethereum to SatoshiVM.

  5. Savmswap: The first DEX on SatoshiVM.

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