Bridge from Bitcoin

Bridge test BTC from Bitcoin to SatoshiVM

SatoshiVM uses BTC as its gas token, and all BTC originates from Bitcoin Core. To experience the SatoshiVM Testnet, users should first acquire test BTC on the Bitcoin Testnet using a Bitcoin wallet and then obtain BTC on SatoshiVM through cross-chain bridges.

Wallet Setup via UniSat

Presently, on the Bitcoin Testnet, we recommend utilizing the UniSat wallet for acquiring test BTC and subsequent cross-chain functional interactions.

Install UniSat

Configure Network and Address Type

Within UniSat's Settings, set the Network to TESTNET and select the Address Type as Native Segwit for your wallet address.

Acquire test BTC

Currently, users can obtain test BTC on the Bitcoin Testnet using the following third-party faucets.

It is important to note that the recommended address type for the receiving destination is Native Segwit. Using any other address type may result in the inability to receive the test BTC.

Deposit test BTC and receive it on SatoshiVM Testnet

For further details, please refer to the Bridge section.

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