BTC Bridge (Testnet)


Before starting the bridging process between Bitcoin and SatoshiVM, ensure the following:

  1. MetaMask Wallet: Have MetaMask installed and configured to interact with the SatoshiVM Testnet.

  2. UniSat Wallet: Ensure your UniSat wallet is ready for the transaction process.

Deposit: Bridge test BTC to SatoshiVM

1. Acquire test BTC on Bitcoin Testnet

Obtain test BTC from public faucets on the Bitcoin Testnet. This is essential for initiating the bridging process on SatoshiVM.

2. Navigate to the official BTC Bridge

Access the official BTC Bridge page (Testnet). This is where you'll be initiating the process of transferring BTC from Bitcoin Testnet to SatoshiVM Testnet.

3. Connect Both Wallets

On the Bridge interface, connect both your MetaMask and UniSat wallets. Follow the prompts and confirm the wallet connections.

4. Deposit on Bitcoin Testnet

Initiate the deposit process by specifying the amount of test BTC you want to bridge from the Bitcoin Testnet to the SatoshiVM Testnet. Review and confirm the transaction details.

Please note that the current deposit feature does NOT support Legacy-type Bitcoin wallet addresses. Additional attention should be given to ensure that only compatible wallet addresses are used when initiating deposits.

4.1 Specify the amount of test BTC to deposit

4.2 Confirm the deposit transaction in UniSat

5. Monitor progress on the History page

Once the deposit is initiated, monitor the progress of your transaction on the History page of the SatoshiVM Bridge. This section provides real-time updates on the status of your deposit.

6. Check destination address balance via SatoshiVM Explorer

After the deposit is completed, check the destination address balance using the SatoshiVM Explorer. Confirm that the bridged BTC is reflected in your SatoshiVM address.

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